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Review of the Winter Cooking Class by Trix Tasting Trips


In Februari Trix from Trix Tasting Trips attended one of my cooking classes. It was an honor to get to know her and have her enthusiasm in the workshop! Read her blog on her website or read further below! I hope to meet you one day at one of my cooking classes!


What a brilliant idea: a vegan workshop in your own kitchen, the participants cook themselves and all together you join the food what is made! I could have invented myself. But, I did not. Rianne Janssen did.


Her brand new company ‘By Rhiannon’ (nice story about that name on her site) offers a low key opportunity to the world of quick and easy-to-prepare vegan dishes. Let’s take away some of the many prejudices we have all heard about vegan food:
  • it’s too difficult to prepare;
  • it’s takes too many time to finally made something tasty;
  • it’s impossible to think of a recipe for vegans;
  • it does not taste nice;
  • it’s too healthy.
When I have dinner at the table with my friends or family, I always get questions about ‘what’s it like being a vegan’. Do you get enough proteins and iron? What do you actually eat? Don’t you miss meat? Isn’t it boring to eat raw? I would have no idea what to prepare for you. Would some raw carrots and lettuce be fine?



Well, I admit I’m thankful I can practice my patience here… And I will give the answers right away. Luckily this workshop took away all these misunderstandings and was a very good example what it can be like!
In the workshop we learned that vegan dishes can be simple and easy to prepare. I already knew this, but I will illustrate in a minute. We learned a lot about the ‘misfacts’ about food as well, while we stood in the kitchen preparing the food and tasting it as well.


I think that the complexity of vegan recipes is unfamiliarity of the ingredients. I can imagine that chickpea flour is not common in your pantry. Or, coconut blossom sugar. Or, buckwheat groats. Or, miso paste. So, in this case, I admit: the shopping will cost some time, but that’s only in the beginning.


Fortunate for us, Rianne did all the shopping, so we only had to mix them all together. Smoothies (fruit & vegs) are made in 5 minutes. Beethumus in 10 minutes (just adding all the ingredients in a mixer). The flatbread takes the same time as pancakes. Vegan pancakes can be as quick and dirty like ‘normal’ ones. To make veggie chips (with kale, cavolo nero/palm cabbage) needs only 15 minutes to bake in the oven.



Rianne follows the 80-20% rule. Make sure you’ll eat 80% of the time healthy and listen to your body. Be playful for the other 20%. If you like French fries or a chocolate muffin, just go for that too once in a while! Don’t be rigid. Rejecting food you actually crave for, will send some stress-signals to your cells in your body as well. Just be nice to yourself.



I will introduce here the Indian kitchen. Have you ever eaten Indian food? Did you know that the Indian kitchen (except the cheese called paneer) is most of the time totally vegan? And look the quantity of curries and flavors of those dishes. Well, I revealed my favorite type of kitchen here… I will share here my restaurant tip (100% vegetarian): Saravanaa Bhavan (corner Van Woustraat, Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam). And very affordable.
But, for yourself: go wild and learn something about spices. Add some flavors to your dishes! It will spice them up.



Hello Google. Or, join one of Rianne’s workshops! She is a great warmhearted hostess and you will meet some nice other people too. Yes, mostly women but not all of them should be vegan. Rianne knows a lot about food because of her study, so you can fire away your questions! She shows you how it is possible to prepare a tasty, quick and vegan meal.



Check her Facebook or website to see when the next one is coming up!


Written by Trix Tasting Trips. Follow her for vegan treats!
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